You Go Where You Look: How I Gave Up How I Met Your Mother

LAMP OF THE BODY- Advice from Dave

Apparently Dave Ramsey likes to water ski. In one of our recent lessons, he made a comparison between managing your finances and water skiing. He said that when you go over one of those ramps while skiing, they tell you that you must look up in order to make your body follow through with the jump. He said if you look down at the water, that’s exactly where the rest of you will go. He then tied that to managing money and said that if you want to start winning with your money, you have to always be looking ahead. Even if you are in debt (like we are), you should still be looking forward to the ways you will invest money once you have some. If you look that way, you’ll go that way.

At first it seemed like a convenient metaphor that was a bit of a stretch. But after I thought more about it, I saw that it can actually apply to other areas of life, too. For example, I recently had a conversation about the TV show “How I Met Your Mother”. Most of my friends watch that show and think it’s really funny. I watched the first four or five seasons and also really liked it, but eventually I realized I had to give it up. I started to see the way I was thinking about girls change when I was watching the show regularly. There are many times on the show when girls are portrayed as really stupid people who are only good for sex. I don’t think the show was intentionally trying to promote that view of women, but I started to notice that the message stayed with me after I turned off the TV. If I was walking down the street and saw an attractive girl, suddenly I had Barney Stinson’s voice whispering in my ear about all the ways he could probably get her to sleep with him. It was clear that my heart was going where my eyes were looking. I didn’t need that, so I stopped watching the show. I’m definitely not trying to target that show or judge anyone that watches it because I still watch other shows that send the same message, but I knew it couldn’t hurt to at least get some of that influence out of my life.

So kids, that’s how I gave up How I Met Your Mother.


I’m rooting for Kevin Durant because he’s not an ego-maniac, he’s from the DC area and has a huge tattoo that says “Maryland” across his back. Even though the games have been close, The Heat seem to be overpowering the Thunder in the series right now (with occasional help from the refs). The reason everyone hates the Miami Heat is because it’s just not fun to watch them win for some reason. Let’s go OKC!

NOT FOR HUMAN MASTERS- Nothing so far 

A couple weeks ago I got a phone call from some random place I had applied to for a job. I was really encouraged because finally it felt like someone was reading my resume. It was just a screening interview and they said they were going to send my resume along to HR. I haven’t heard back yet. I’ve received some emails saying that I’m not qualified for the jobs I’ve applied to. Right now I’m a little more discouraged than hopeful so please keep me in your prayers. I have about 2 months before I receive my last paycheck from the school system.

ONE FLESH- Marriage is tough.

A lot of comedians will joke about how women say one thing but mean another and they expect you to be able to read their minds. I always laughed but also thought I was good enough at reading people that it wouldn’t happen to me. I. WAS. WRONG. That’s all I’ll say about it. And just so I don’t get in trouble with all women everywhere: I understand it’s my fault. Seriously.

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