What is this blog?

The longer I’ve been alive, the more I’ve realized there is so much I don’t understand. I intend for this space to be an outlet for my questions. I’m not sure what will come of it, but here’s what I do know: 1. Whatever I think, say or do, I want it to give glory to God in a way that causes others to become interested in Him. 2. I want to be a person with whom others feel safe to share their ideas, doubts, frustrations and questions. 3. I want the ideas and experiences that God has given me to sometimes offer comfort, inspiration and answers to others. 4. I want to do my best to stay humble. Rather than always working to put together a nice image of myself to show other people, I want to always be scrubbing away at the places where I allow myself to block God’s light from shining through onto those around me. 4b. I want to not take myself too seriously. Hopefully this blog will also accomplish those things.


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